Monday, December 22, 2008

White Zombie laid to rest on boxed set

DETROIT (Billboard) – Assembling the White Zombie boxed set "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie" was "weird" and somewhat bittersweet for Rob Zombie, the frontman for the defunct metal group that broke up in 1996.

"The funny thing was when I was putting it together, it seemed so long ago," Zombie told "It felt like I was putting together a box set of someone else's band. It just seemed like forever ago, and some of the early songs are, like, 20 years ago or something. It just seemed weird."

The Geffen Records set, which boasts four CDs and one DVD, came out on November 26. Zombie, whose real name is Rob Cummings, said gathering the 63 tracks and a wealth of rare video footage "brought up a lot of things I'd forgotten about -- unfortunately, some of it was negative."

He was particularly reminded of the waning days of the band, when the group members would tour in separate vehicles and not see each other except at shows. None of the other band members were involved in the set.

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