Saturday, January 24, 2009

Film industry seen rebounding at Berlin market

BERLIN (Reuters) – The initial shock of the global economic crisis that hit the film industry appears to be slowly wearing off, and attendance at next month's European Film Market should break all records, EFM director Beki Probst told Reuters.

As the first film bazaar of the year and one of the world's top three markets for buyers and sellers alongside November's American Film Market and May's market at Cannes, the EFM is an important bellwether of the international industry's health.

Probst said pent-up demand by film buyers from around the world -- looking to fill their cinema screens and TV broadcasts -- and a longing for "feel-good stories" to distract people from their woes were combining to make the 2009 EFM bigger than ever.

"In times of trouble, cinema is the best distraction you can get," Probst said in an interview ahead of the February 5-12 EFM which runs alongside the Berlin Film Festival (February 5-15), one of Europe's top three festivals after Cannes and Venice.

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