Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doctors probed by state in Michael Jackson's death

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – California's attorney general said on Wednesday his office has run several doctors' names and several potential aliases through its prescription drug database to aid police investigating the death of Michael Jackson.

Attorney General Jerry Brown said his office was not the lead agency in probing Jackson's sudden death -- a role it took in the fatal overdose of Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith in 2007 -- but was assisting other agencies as they try to track down prescription drugs that may have killed the King of Pop.

"We've found some things, but this is early on" to provide details, Brown told Reuters.

Brown's office monitors all over-the-counter prescription transactions in California, using a database that contains the name of each doctor, patient, medication and quantity.

He said his investigators were given "dozens" of names to run through its system by police probing Jackson's sudden death, several of them doctors and others potential aliases thought to have been used in obtaining the prescription drugs.

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