Monday, August 31, 2009

Phone scam targets Manitoba Hydro customers

Manitoba Hydro is warning the public about a phone-based scam targeting their customers.

Solicitors have been calling dozens of residents, offering a device they claim will shave up to 40 per cent off electricity bills.

In several cases, the solicitor identifies himself as someone who works for Hydro or that the devices are approved by Hydro, said utility company spokesperson Glenn Schneider.

The solicitors have nothing to do with the company and as far Hydro knows, the device doesn't even exist, said Schneider.

"There's no free lunch that automatically results in energy savings. Certainly, new appliances and computers are much more energy efficient but there is no one device that would do what is apparently claimed," he said, warning people against giving credit card information.

He said police are investigating the scam.

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